Below are a number of useful online resources for literary translators working between French and English (in both directions), including resources that focus on translation in an African context.

Participants in the Bakwa Literary Translation Workshop are recommended to explore the resources below and Print Bibliography. Set texts can be accessed on the Literary Translation Workshop page.

Select articles, books and journals

Between the Covers by Ros Schwartz

Boubacar Boris Diop : « Au Sénégal, le français a perdu de son pouvoir de séduction » (Le Monde Afrique)

Carrying a Single Life: On Literature and Translation (The New Yorker) by Teju Cole

Entretien avec la traductrice, Hélène Fournier

Esquisse d’une histoire de la traduction en Afrique de Paul Bandia

Extreme Adaptation by Georgina Collins

Five translators on the joys and challenges of translating children’s books

Glossing Africa by Namwali Serpell (The New York Review of Books)

How do you want to be wrong? Interview with Madhu H. Kaza about the political act of translation

How Was It for You? On cooperative translation by Ros Schwartz

Interview with Edwige-Renée Dro on Literary Activism and Translation (The Johannesburg Review of Books)

Living in Translation (African Arguments): series of articles edited by Nanjala Nyabola

Sharing Children’s Books in Translation by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o translated into over 30 languages in one publication (The Guardian)

Réflexions sur la littérature africaine et sa traduction de Iheanacho A. Akakuru et Dominic C. Chima

Representing Africa by Georgina Collins

The Role of Translation in the Implementation of Language Policy in Cameroon by Dr. Suh Joseph Che

Translation in Practice: A Symposium, edited by Paul Gill

Translation and Literature: Edinburgh University Press biannual review

Translators in Conversation by Ros Schwartz

Une fidélité impossible : traduire une œuvre africaine anglophone de Jean Sévry

What makes a translation great by Katy Derbyshire



A Translator’s Diary: A Year in the Life of Emma Ramadan

Eric Moreau, Traducteur Littéraire anglais-français

Intralingo by Lisa Carter

Laure Hinckel, auteur de traductions littéraires

Le blog d’Eric Boury, traducteur littéraire

Three Percent by Chad Post, publisher at Open Letter Books

Tim Gutteridge’s blog including Translate Meanings not Words


Translators without Borders

Translation Diary by Daniel Hahn about the process of translating a novel

Translationista by Susan Bernofsky

Websites, groups and networks

Association of Professional Translators and Interpreter of Cameroon (APTIC)

Association pour la Promotion de la Traduction Littéraire

Children’s Literature Facebook Group

Emerging Translators Network  

Literary Translation Facebook Group

London Book Fair   

Modern Poetry in Translation

Poetry translation centre

TED Talks Open Translation Project

Theatre in Translation Facebook Group

Videos and audio

Africa Writes: Africa in Translation, Royal African society

Bakwa Media Literary Translation Videos

Littérature et développement de Edwige-Renée Dro (Tedx Abidjan)

London Book Fair: Literary Translation Centre panel discussions    

Ros Schwartz and Franky Wynne in translation slam

Journals seeking work in translation

Bakwa Magazine (submissions open once a year)

Cardinal Points: a literary journal co-edited by Robert Chandler

PEN Guide

SAND journal: a Berlin-based literary magazine

Words Without Borders

Online dictionaries and other useful resources 

Acronym finder

British National Corpus

Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales

Dictionnaire de francais “Littre” 

Equivalent expressions in French, English and Spanish

Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names

Google Books Ngram Viewer: comparative frequency of different terms over time

Linguee – putting words and phrases in context

Online Etymology Dictionary

Reverso dictionary

Trésor de la langue française

Word Reference including forum discussions